Physiotherapy is not a massage!

Physiotherapy (natural physical treatment methods) or rehabilitation (restoration) is a healthcare profession, which by means of natural motion and physical stimuluses affects, restores, maintain and generates maximal mobility and functional physical abilities of the client in case of their loss resulting from inproper loading, acquired through accident or injury, caused by aging process etc...

Physiotherapist looks at the patient as a whole, one unit within which everything is connected to everything, therefore the physiotherapist needs to use a wide knowledge base out of many medical and healthcare fields (anatomy, physiology, kineziology, pschychology, mechanics, orthopedics, neurology etc...).

Physiotherapy is a non-medical healthcare profession which diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease or disability of human musculoskeletal system. The treatment leads to retention, support and restoration of maximal functional ability or to a slowdown of progression in case of congenital disorders or deffects or after injuries. The goal of physiotherapy is to restore the lost abilities or functions of the organism as a whole. An inseparable part of physiotherapy is an assessment of functional disorders/deffects and musculoskeletal (motional) potential of the client, which is a part of complex physiotherapeutical evaluation and prevention, aiming to maintain the restored abilities of the client or functions of his organism as a unit. Physiotherapy uses special manual procedures, techniques, excercise methods and physical therapy

Our physiotherapy includes kinesiological analysis – a complex assessment of muscular system, anamnesis analysis, determination of physiotherapeutical diagnosis, physiotherapeutical plan and appropriate treatment procedures upon permanent consultation with the client.

In case of exisiting medical records and test results (RTG, MR, CT...), or other present treatment it will be very appreciated if you have the related documentation with you and allow us to take a look at it.