SM System

SM System

The SM system method (the spinal Stabilization and Mobilization) has been developed since more than 30 years now. Already for 25 years the clinical practice uses it for patients with back pain, hernias of spinal discs and scoliosis. The method has also been utilized by top athletes in order to support an increase of their performance and to prevent overload and degeneration of the spine and big joints. The SM training also plays a significant role in treatment and injury/disease prevention of big joints (the hip joint, knee and shoulder joints, ankle joints and the foot arch). It is suitable for everyone from 5 to 100 years of age.

The SM system is based on the findings that the most of the back pains are caused by muscular imbalance as a result of an incorrect body posture.

Each healthy human being is born with an ability of so called „spiral stabilization“ of the body in motion. This means, that bascially during each movement the muscles create a chain – they connec together in a form of a spiral around the whole body. This spiral works as a corset that protects us from falls and injuries. The main task of this muscle corset is a traction of the spine. When the strong muscle corset embraces and pushes us, we „grow“ upwards and our spine gets stretched.
The incorrect body posture causes muscle disharmony. On one side the muscles are shortened and stiff, on the other weakened and overstretched. In this imbalance they can´t cooperate properly - as they are meant to - they can´t initiate and perform the stabilization of that body segment, which they are originally responsible for, in the correct position during movement. This leads, within time, to pain, degenerative changes and other problems.

The SM system is a set of effective excercises for the spinal Stabilization and Mobilization. Since the most common and daily used type of human activity is simply walking, the basic set of excercises of the SM system has been designed and developed to teach every person to use the correctly coordinated movement pattern during everyday activities.

SM system or/and surgery

A spine operation eliminates only the secondary effect of an incorrect body posture and muscle imbalance – the damaged spinal disc. It doesn´t solve the cause of its degeneration though. That is also the very reason why, according to the worldwide statistics, only 1/3 of patients feel better after the spine surgery, 1/3 of patients don´t observe any change in their problems and 1/3 report even deterioration of the pre-surgery status. The so called „failed back surgery“ syndrome proves that the patient, who didn´t eliminate the incorrect body posture and muscle imbalance, experience within 1 year after the operation a further damage of 2-3 spinal discs, as these degenerate then 50% faster.

SM system is a complex therapeutical exercise system, which eliminates the root cause of the spinal disc damage. It restore´s one´s ability of spiral stailization in movement, muscle balance and correct body posture, which, finally, allows the spine to regenerate itself with every single step taken.
Keeping the regular excercise regimen of SM system brings success to 95% of patients. In case of no improvement even after 3 months of intensive excercising under trained supervision, the operation is necessary.

Examples of SM system exercises